15 Super Easter Egg Decoration For A Funny Look

Easter Egg


There are some inspiration to create an Easter egg decoration. Not only needs creativity, it has to full of imagination. Therefore, sometimes children might have better opinion on this matter. Since their imagine is much more that adult.

Easter egg can be use for various decoration. Mainly during Easter seasons that most of the home deco will contain the eggs. Therefore, prepare a good concept to put on the egg is quite easy. Start from a simple choice up to the complicated theme. As long as the egg is there, than the decoration will result nice.

If curious on the best inspiration, see below samples. There are several Easter egg decoration that can make homemade and easy to follow. It only needs simple creativity. Furthermore, it easy to cheat too. But the result can make the house look different.

Creative Decoration

Try a creative decoration by putting the egg as something new. Such as in below pictures where it can put as a cactus plant or for kitchenet decoration. This might be a simple idea, but it bring best result at home. See below if want to cheat this idea.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Funny And Cute Decoration

Most of the children will love the concept of funny egg and cute egg decoration. Therefore, creating something fun and cute from the egg will be a good choice to bring happy atmosphere at home. See below for detail samples of this idea.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Animal Farm

It also a good idea to make some animal farm for house décor from the Easter egg. Therefore, it will bring a better look and view in the living room. See below this creative idea sample.

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To bring an Easter egg decoration at home can be difficult. But through some simple inspiration, the idea can come true. Ask the children on their dream decoration and try to make it true. It will be better than thinking hard to get it done.

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