15 Best Mardi Gras Make up You Will Amazing

Mardi Gras Make up: 15 Best You Will Amazing

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Indeed, Mardi Gras is the Carnival celebration festival on Tuesday before or after Christian feasts before Ash Wednesday. And, which is a practice of last night eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season that widely known. However, as it is a Carnival, so, women like to apply make ups in hottest Mardi Gras Make Up to look glorious and to catch eyes around as well.

By the way, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday are also the same for Mardi Gras for example. And, women are in various fashion and make up, as well in this famous Christian carnival. To make the festival joyful, Mardi Gras goes on till mid night.

Therefore, 15 Hottest Mardi Gras Make Up here with images for you to choose the best you like to apply on coming Mardi Gras carnival celebration, and, you will find the romantic, exotic and hottest make up. Continue reading to keep on you excitement, as well.

Fantastic Mardi Gras Make up for Eyes

Make Up For Eyes
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First, as here you can see the fantastic make up for the eyes at Mardi Gras festival with peacock motif as the picture above is very beautiful. Moreover, reflect of the eye ball as peacock feather is making so artistic work, as well.

Blinking Lips for Mardi Gras Festival

Make Up For Lips
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Wooow…this blinking lips looks so amazing, you can try this idea to celebrate Mardi Gras this year. And, a kiss with glitter? Also, shining and colorful lips are looking great.

Fabulous Fractal Around Her Eye

Fractal Around Her Eye
Source: Pinterest

This fabulous art work around the eyes like this will make your appearance in this festival different from others. However, looks gorgeous and exotic, as well.

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Amazing Make up for Mardi Gras Festival

Amazing Make Up
Source: Pinterest

This amazing make up for Mardi Gras festival look so different and can be one of idea to use that you can apply for your appearance. And, floral also colorful make up is really suitable for the carnival.

Horror Face Make up Idea

Horror Make Up Face
Source: Pinterest

Hi… girls, look at this horror face make up, so scary but nice with combination of blue and black colors. Simple and easy to try.

Go Green Idea for Mardi Gras Make up

Go Green
Source: Pinterest

And, go green inspiring by natural idea that you can choose for your make up in this Mardi Gras celebration festival for this year. Also, flowers with greenery theme is really looks authentic.

Lovely Rainbow Make up

Lovely Rainbow Make Up
Source: Pinterest

By the way, using few of bright colors as make up like the picture above will be simple, easy, and also beauty to apply for Mardi Gras festival.

Beautiful Peacock Make up Idea

Beautiful Peacock
Source: Pinterest

Furthermore, in this picture, the beautiful lady in one of the hottest Mardi Gras Make Up in peacock feather make up theme. And, she is looking great.

Mardi Grass Gorgeous make up

Mardi Grass Gorgeous Face Make Up
Source: Pinterest

Wow… little bit complicated art work make up but looks so gorgeous. Also, in many colors that really perfect for Carnival festival celebration.

Blue Butterfly Mardi Grass Make up

Blue Butterfly Mardi Grass Make Up
Source: Pinterest

And, butterfly make up theme is certainly a cool pick for the carnival Mardi Gras. Definitely, in the picture, she is looking great in colors.

Beautiful Blossom for Mardi Gras Carnival

Beautiful Blossom Mardi Gras Make up
Source: Pinterest

As flowers blossom in many colors, in this Mardi Gras Make Up, she is looking so great. Moreover, the makeup theme is covering above and below eyes.

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Gorgeous Purple Make up

Gorgeous Purple
Source: Pinterest

Lady in purple with musical mask, Carnivale 2007, Venice by Alaskan Dude to inspire you for Mardi Gras Make Up.

Beautiful Red Flower in The Bush

Flower In The Bush Mardi Gras Make up
Source: Pinterest

Here is another hottest make up. Which is appropriate for the carnival festival celebration.

Silver Mask Make up Ideas

Silver Mask Make Up
Source: Pinterest

Half of the face that covering from forehead by masking in silver color make up. And, really gorgeous.

Beautiful Rainbow Mask Mardi Gras Make up

Beautiful Rainbow Mask Mardi Gras make up
Source: Pinterest

Finally, this is a beautiful rainbow mask make up for the carnival. And, certainly, this is a fantastic pick for the event to celebrate.

Now you have more ideas for Mardi Gras Make Up and these are the hottest in kind. So, you are welcome to choose that you like to make the event for you.


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