13 Rose Gold Bayalage Hair Ideas

Rose Gold Bayalage Hair Ideas

Ever wonder how to level up your hair game to get through new year of 2018? Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, rose gold bayalage is what you need to get the most wanted hair and it might inspired everyone to head to the salon as soon as possible.

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What’s bayalage hair color anyway, it does look like Ombre hair but it’s not. See, if you look closely enough ombre is like more horizontal hair color and bayalage is more vertical.

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Bayalage means a “brush technique” highlight from the top of your hair and down, it supposed to make your hair look naturally sun kissed and lighter on on the down part.

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When you go to the salon and meet your hairstylist, make sure to bring a picture on which rose gold bayalage tone that you like and be open minded. You can make it darker or lighter, however you like!

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Your professional hairstylist will suggest about many different shade, color tone, color progression to suit your face and skin tone, eye color and lifestyle. Sounds about fun!

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Red Gold Bayalage hair color needs to be maintained with special treatment. Such as conditioners and other products, ask your hair colorist the best product that they recommend

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You will get see a lot of this color popping up this winter, on blondes and brunettes. Seriously, you will never win if anyone ever want to compete to slay this season with other colors.

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Personally, this is my favorite hair bayalage hair color. Some blonde can turn a little bit red or pink and it looks so good in any occasion whether it’s holiday season on formal celebration.

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Keeping the roots natural is one of the main secret on rose gold bayalage hair ideas. Even pink tipping and blending it in with more lighter refreshing color.

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Warm rose gold bayalage hair color makes it look as sweet as honey. Not to mention the fun and flattering part.

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There are a lot of celebrities who had a rose gold bayalage hair color, there are Ruby Rose, Ashley Benson, Rihanna, Dianna Agron. Basically it’s almost endless, go check them out!

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This hair color really makes the snowy winter more bearable. They are easy to maintain and usually grow out nicely if you know how to do the tricks.

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Don’t be nervous to try different and more fun color for your hair because this selection can complement you really well.

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