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It’s time to level up your braid game. Some celebrities are actually have been experimenting with braid crown, fishtail braids and even box braids down to the floors. Check out this pretty ladies and get inspired for your next hair salon appointment.

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Khaleesi braid brings out the gorgeous dimension, with or without the silver colored hair. It is powerful and magical in its own way.

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Ia there any braided hairstyle look more romantic than this? Loose chignon braid has its own headband but on the other side allowing loose strands to fall as they may

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Get the free spirited princess look with  the braided Headband. It is simple and easy to create, you can look amazing while wearing the rest of your head loose.

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Get Blake Lively flawless look with this side fishtail braid. This perfection completed with cute medium floral hair pins will certainly make you look amazing. You can also steal this look for special occassion such as weddings.

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For a modern trend on practical short hair style, your can still impress all of your colleage and friends and show off your bangs fishtail braid. Who said short hair has limited braid hairstyle options?

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The timeless french braid has a new look called twisted french braid. It is where you let loose some of the hair and get more deconstructed look with loose and messy braid.

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Show off your long incredible hair with mermaid Braided Headaband. Long haired ladies who are love some modification of ponytails should clearly try this one. As their name implies, this hairstyle could shine on your inner mermaid soul inside

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This classy braided chignon is actually pretty tight, but the intentional messiness comes from few pieces sticking out gives it a free fairies look.

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Double crown braided updo can vary in its own thickness and placeness. Some girl like it sleek and some other like it loose. This particular hairstyle look is great for any occassion, whether it’s wedding or fancy office celebrations for the evening.

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This top knot braided bride is one of many ways to make your braids complement your face. Brings all the attention to your soft and feminine make up and get ready to steal everyone’s attention.

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With such a gorgeous textured Dutch Braid, everyone woule looking forward to approach you in no time. As their name implies, textured braid actually very well maintained compared to the fun loose one.


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