10 Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for Party


With all the holiday parties, office get together, dinners and black-tie celebration, the festivities seem endless, as well as your hairstyle. We all want accept the invitation and slay every single one of it. Ever wonder how-tos for a whole season’s worth of party styles? Check out these beauty ladies!

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Glamorous waves paired with sexy makeup is just gorgeous for redcarpet or even a formal occasion, not to mention the earring statement is basically the coolest hairstyle ever. You’re totally ready to go

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Work into this updo top knot to get goddess look, then loose few of it to keep it sexy and way more mesmerizing. It doesn’t look to sleek and each hair fall naturally. There’s clearly inherently sexy about this look, don’t you think?

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This updo loose knot is perfect for romantic dinner party and it’s not that hard to create. This hairstyle will complement your face without looking too uptight

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A sparkly mninimalist hair pins adds elegant touch to this red’s accessorized fairies. Less is more is definately true statement. This is the simplest look yet one of the best for women with long hair.

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To create this greek goddest twist, you need three steps of braids and leaves the bottom part for an effortlessly fabulous effect. Did you see the gorgeous silhouette?

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Pony Tail Low and Textured gives similar vibes to Blake Lively’s vibes, which is perfection and flawless. The ponytailed needs to look a little bit messy so it’s going to be more flirtatious. Tease the roots and let a few hair loose to make it look more natural.

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We love this onytail pumped-up height, it’s a simple idea, surely not hard to create and it’s chic. For a sexy and daring, not to mention fast style, this is perfect for you and your busy schedule. Who would’t want this hairstyle while rocking on the dance floor after cooktails hours?


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The perfect braided plaited chignon suits romantic evening. It’s just so feminine and even the word pretty sound like understatement.


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This loose textured ballerina bun shines delicate feelings. You don’t want to look to polished so we pull out a few pieces around the face and makes it look more amazing.

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This braided wrap around is a fun alternative to any chignon or any top knot. This hairstyle look effortlessly natural and once it completed, the tiny accessorized completed the pieces and you need to be ready to be the scene stealing girl



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