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These days, the average cost of wedding is more than $25,000, if you don’t have $25,000 to blow what are you going to do for your wedding? You don’t want to look cheap but you can not afford expensive either. Honestly even university cost less than a wedding itself. Here are some ways to save money on your wedding.

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The best way to save money is to prepare at least a year to book things such as venue, decoration, photographer and you will have many options and more time to shop with the best price. If you look carefully, this paper floral decoration is far too pretty and definately not going to rob your wallet

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Have a little fun with this centerpiece using upside down wine glass. There are more than real flowers to doll up the dinner table. You can have this elegant candle light ambience using only wine glass

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Similar to other reception decorations, to save money you can pick least costly wedding venue, what about in the back yard. You can light up first dance spots with romantic outdoor industrial lamps.

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Wedding favors to your guest is a sign that you appreciate their time and presence for supporting your marriage. Wha about good old fashioned candy as wedding favors, you can try diy for the cutest packaging.

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There are a lot options of wedding favors besides cookies and sweets. If you wanna show your appreciation and show them your creativity and style, you can also pick anything else that would cost less than $5

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What cost’s more than wedding decoration and wedding venue is exactly the food and drinks. Budget wedding tends to have rustic and in more relaxing environment, so some cokes would complete the idea.

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Make sure to create rustic wedding signage, you can do this part by yourself and it looks pretty chic.

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Having a caterer to your big day with fancy meals is clearly going to cost a lot. How about donut desserts with fancy design instead?

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We’re basically millenials who gains a lot of benefits by digital and electronics media. You can always send email invitation or providing your own elegant yet printable greenery save te date card

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Wedding arch is as important as your vow and rings during the wedding ceremony. It doesn’t have to be grand. This is one simple wedding arch idea which very ideal for outdoor wedding

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