11 Simple Nail Design

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Who doesn’t love to added dose of glamour to their nails? If you want to try out something fun and simple colors for your nails, look at these beautiful and simple nail art you can try by yourself at home. White for nails are classic, but you can add this line to your nails and simply your nails are perfect.

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Who doesn’t love monochrome colors? If you are bored with just one color to your nail, you can combine this monochrome colors for every nail. Then add some glitter to make it more glamor.

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Bored with black line? You can try another color to make it more glamour, you can put a gold line instead of black, your choice. You can change line color for different occasion and you’ll never get bored of it.

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Glitters are savior. It perfectly make your nalis more shine than it should be. You can put black and glitter to combine with your black gown to make it more drama.

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This cute nails are perfect for a simple and casual look. The nude colors are perfect for every occasion. You can also add a bit of floral pattern to make it more chic.

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Simple but lovely nail art with heart shape to complete your look with chic dresses. This will be perfect for Valentine’s day, right?

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This nail art are fabulous and simple. Nude never fails with everything. Add more glitter to make it more sensational. and of course this nail color will perfect for every season.

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This pink and white ombre nail art design looks very chic. You can rock it on any occasion because it’s so adaptable. It’s a very classy look that you can pull off in any season.

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Orange for nails? It will make your nail stand out in the crowd. You can experiment with this simple design using different color combination.

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Orange and brown are cool combination. This nail art design are fabulous to wear casually, and it also simple to recreate with another color.

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this colorful nail art is a treat for the eyes. It’s trendy, vibrant and young. You can pull it off casually and it will brighten up your outfit and your day!

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Do you love floral pattern? This floral sticker will make your nails more pretty with soft pink. This colors are perfect for a lunch date.

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