11 Korean Fall Fashion For Women


Searching for some new look to enhance your style in Fall season? Check out all these fabulous trending fashions that are chic and stylish, straight from your favorite Hallyu country. These outfit are great for casual get together or just even  stroll around to the park. Be prepared to get attention to wherever you’re going

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A badass and chic look that’s fashionably enough to wear to most places. Ripped jeans and goes more than well together with turtle neck brown top. Complete this look with plain fall long coat and amazing black boots.


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There is always a thing with this cute and nerdy look with oversized beige sweater. Tuck in the front sweater part on your black ripped skinny jeans, don’t forget to combined with white plaid shirt inside to avoid you get cold and show off the fine looking minimalist belt.

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Fallis the season for the jackets and coats. Apparently you can mix and match your skinny denim with earthy color long coat and brown turtleneck. Earn your way to keep looking sophisticated with white sneakers.

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Women with oversized colthes are underrated. Look at this girl, She totally rock the season with stripes top and black skinny jeans and of course the oversized yet comfortable denim jacket. Cool much?

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Get your girly look with maroon sweater and dark colored black skirt up to your knees. A look like this would catch any eye

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The outfit is topped off with gorgeous green emerald cold. Looking pretty as ever and very casual with the timeless black sneakers.

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A great vintage look with high waisted jeans and another black top is just too good to be true. The masculine grey colored coat gives more elegance than ever.

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Other than denim skinny jeans, we can alway go with black one either. This time the main focus is the plaid pattern coat. It looks way more attractive, especially with clean and fresh look white t-shirt

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Denim never go out of style. If you love denim as much as i am, put on your denim top with light colored sweater like this one and complete with darker colored skinny jeans. Say hello to your new idol.

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A uniform-style outfit with breath taking black color gives off the dainty and youthfull yet very mysterious look.


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The dress is key point in this outfit. It is very stylish and dark based floral pattern is cute and sexy at the same time.

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