11 Wonderful Winter Nails Ideas


Winter Nails Ideas

Winter is almost coming and this is the most festivities season and exciting one for fashion. You can start to pick your winter outfit and while buttoning up your favorite warm sweater, why not glittering our nails to light up the spirit at the same time?

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Oh so merry winter nail ideas will not be completed without the snowflake stamps and the daring red themed color. This mani is about as festive as it gets. All we need are just few diagonal stripes and elegant white for extra balance.

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Play with the gorgeous glittery gray color themed nails plus adorable snowman and cute snowflake stamps on white basic. It will create an ultra chic winter look that will impress all of your friend. Anyway, who need a snowman outside your house, when you can have it on your accent nail?

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For those who loves accent nail plus a little bit of adorable character, this snowy blue penguin manicure is surprisingly fun to bright up the cold winter vibes.

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Snowflakes? Check. Blue ombre? Check. Winter vibes? Check. Yep – this beautiful blue ombre snowflakes stamp manicure is suitable for any occasion during winter. You will totally going to rock it

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Give your fingertips a high class elegant winter look with green emerald mani and one glittery signature to subtle your status.

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Pink pastel base and pretty half snowflake stamps  gives your fingertips a mysteriously shy and delicately feminine look with gold glitter to make it more exciting.

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Perfect wonderland. The turquoise winter themed mani gives you the whole idea of fun winter activities. White base and pretty turquoise accent offers exciting experience and clean look as the winter gone by

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The pastel ombre is still as popular as ever and ombre nails fits every season, not exceptionally in winter. Swap out your winter shade with pink pastel shades for more girly and flirtatious feminine colors.

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Although most winter nail art is done with white or red or green color, this shades of grey brings another level to deeper approach. It is cold and glamorous at the same. If you want to show off how you’re going to spend the winter, this is the perfect nail ideas.

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Show off your amazing metalic ombre with an oh so futuristic look. This manicure combines two similar shade of our favorite thing about winter.Whites and glossy manicure.

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As you have seen many times before, snowflakes never going to disappoint and it is as timeless as it can be. Dark blue shade often result in hot sexy nail art and to gives it more exciting look, this look requires more metallic gold to make it perfect.

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