Gorgeous Summer Holiday Party Outfit Ideas


Summer is around the corner. Everybody loves a comfy casual go to to beat the summer heat. You are sweating heaps and the party invitations are everywhere. What would you do? What are you going to wear? Well you know for sure, summer is tricky. You want to look cute and nice and still be comfortable while feeling the breeze. It can’t be too much and it can’t be plain. Well, search no longer because here are tips for your gorgeous summer holiday party outfit ideas.

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You can never go wrong with whites! White gives the cool feeling, it brings happy and positives auras. The flowing dress looks so beautiful on summer parties. It is feminine and won’t let you out of the parties without hundreds of compliments. The second and third pictures are combination between white and some earthy color. Turns out, it is not that bad. Not that bad at all actually. You can add some pearl accessories to compliment the overall look. It’c comfortable and it’s incredibly attractive.

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Go on to the next one, black. Who doesn’t love black? I do, do you? It suites almost every occasion, every season and every party. However, it is recommended to go with sleeveless black themed top, if you ever want to rock the summer party heat. It is elegant, classy and won’t let you get distracted with the damp feeling. You can combine the sleeveless black themed top with denim skirt, formal army colored pants or even the flirtatious one.

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Okay, so you don’t want to wear white or black color. I get you girl. Some pastel themed outfit colors are also available for your creatives appetite. We can play with some color, but be careful to not combine two bold color themed in to one outfit appearance. On the picture above, one of the girl uses a very light pink dominance in her appearance and combined with striped casual top. Which look very nice and refreshing. On the second one, woody brown mini pants were chooses but that is also okay. You know why? Because even the bold color option, woody brown still considered as earthy color themed and the long sleeves light blue stripes balancing the overall outlook.

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Now if you are looking more than plain color outfit combination, even the earthy tones doesn’t fill up your appetite, you can try with the pattern dress. It still need to be in a very color tone and yet you can choose your most favorable flower pattern to bring delight to your outfit.

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