11 Hot Christmas Office Party Outfit for Women


Festivities season is coming and so is the parties. A lot of people want to enjoy the party by being the center attention. Office parties usually are very formal and boring you can not wait to get out of there. The first key to get anyone’s attention is to wear an outstanding dress. Now we’re going to talk specifically about Christmas party, because duh it’s about time to prepare to be the hottest topic in the office. Check out these 12 hot Christmas office party outfit ideas to light up the festivities vibes.


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Red is for RAD. Rock out your office party with red color themed dresses. A sexy sparkly maroon dress is most likely suited to night indoor dining party with the executives. You can brag about your work or you can brag about your dress. Most likely the dress still win their heart. If the office Christmas party looking for more casual fun vibe in the daylight, you can also wear bright red, combined with black jacket and killer boots to complete the look. It is daring, classy and of course very Christmas.

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If you’re not really into with red themed dresses, you should try the elegant emerald colors. It can be long sleeves dress or combination between black sexy top or black formal pants. All are shining it’s own character. If you choose to wear the dress, combine it with silver accessories such as necklace or bracelet to enhanced the elegant look. The combination between black and emerald color are suited for both daylight and night parties. The formal black pants looks very cool and will really express your charisma. On the other hand, sexy black top with emerald skirt gives more relaxing mood and comfortable yet mesmerizing at the same time.

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The next one is more glamorous look. It is glittery, gorgeous and basically going to make you look like goddesses. You can pick one glittery outfit and combine with other dark color themed outfit. It can be tops, jackets or leggings. This look suited more for Christmas night occasion. You will look as bright as the star.

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For the last one, it is not really about the color. We have had already discussed about the green emerald color. But did you noticed what is the different? Correct! It is the velveteen cloth. Velveteen is a mixture of silk and cotton. It’s a perfect combination and gives the rocking mysterious lady look. With this type of clothes you don’t need excessive jewelry to doll it all up, because the beauty of velveteen is on the elegant simplicity.



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